Corporate and Business Law

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Course overview

This course is designed to develop knowledge and skills in the understanding of the general legal framework, and of specific legal areas relating to business, recognizing the need to seek further specialist legal advice where necessary. This course will allow you to obtain knowledge that you can use with great examples on application of the various Acts with in depth explanations within each topic.

What will i learn?

  • Identify the essential elements of the legal system, including the main sources of law.
  • Recognize and apply the appropriate legal rules relating to the law of obligations.
  • Explain and apply the law relating to employment relationships.
  • Distinguish between alternative forms and constitutions of business organisations.
  • Recognize and compare types of capital and the financing of companies.
  • Describe and explain how companies are managed, administered and regulated.
  • Recognize the legal implications relating to insolvency law.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of corporate fraudulent and criminal behavior.
  • You will not need prior experience in corporate and business law all the concepts are explained in the videos.
Curriculum for this course
1 Lessons 00:10:24 Hours
1 Lessons 00:10:24 Hours
  • Introduction to Business Law

Frequently asked question

Who this course is for?
1. People interested in understanding corporate and business law. 2. People within the finance world that have dealings with law concepts within it.
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